Thursday, April 25, 2013


This is a research blog.  I have fairly wide-ranging research interests, loosely clustered around the topics of programming languages, logic, databases, and verification, with a dash of security.  (The word dilletante comes to mind...)  The purpose of this blog is to collect thoughts about papers, systems, or recent developments involving interesting interaction between programming languages and other systems, with particular interest in databases. I've fallen out of the habit of keeping notes on my reading, and have always wished my notes were searchable anyway.  So, the purpose of this blog is to collect the thoughts that are otherwise falling on the floor, mainly as a resource for myself and possibly some colleagues, but I am making this public on the off chance that one or two other people might find some of it interesting.

The way this will work is from now on when I read a (publicly available) paper I'll blog about it - at least a one-liner with an instant reaction, a deeper review/reaction if time permits.  From time to time there might be reflective or "review" posts that collect thoughts about a larger topic or several papers on a topic.  I'm not going to start at the beginning; that is, for the time being, I'm not rereading papers I've already read just to provide context, though this will likely happen indirectly over the next few months because of new students or projects.  I am also not sure how I feel about comments; I'll leave them on unless their management becomes a problem.


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