Thursday, April 25, 2013

mathjax test

This is a test.  This is only a test.

\[\lambda f.~(\lambda x.~f~(x~x))~(\lambda x.~f~(x~x))\]

This has been a test of the emergency combinator broadcast system.  In the event of a real emergency,  you would have received further instructions.

I'm going to try using MathJax to embed math into posts (hopefully comments also).  This apparently interacts badly with modern layout/template technology, so I'll be sticking with old-school HTML+CSS, which Blogger supports if you ask nicely.

This raises an interesting question, namely will the posts still be readable over time as MathJax and/or Blogger evolves, which I'm not going to think about too hard.  The right way to do it would probably be for Blogger to call out to MathJax to render the LaTeX to HTML+CSS or MathML just once, when the post is saved, and preserve it in HTML5 (which now includes MathML). 


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