Friday, July 24, 2015

Call for participation: DBPL 2015

The 15th International Symposium on Database Programming Languages
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
October 27, 2015
hosted as part of SPLASH 2015

Call for Participation

DBPL has a long tradition of bringing databases and programming languages together. This year we continue this tradition by co-locating DBPL with SPLASH 2015, and presenting an interesting mix of papers with programming language and database aspects. In addition to these papers we have an excellent invited talk by Marko Rodriguez of DataStax about Gremlin: A Stream-Based Functional Language for OLTP and OLAP Graph Computing. We hope to see you in Pittsburgh!

DBPL is held in cooperation with ACM SIGPLAN, and gratefully acknowledges support from LogicBlox, Inc.

Keynote Speaker

DBPL 2015 will feature an invited talk by Dr. Marko A. Rodriguez
( of DataStax, on the topic

  Gremlin: A Stream-Based Functional Language for OLTP and OLAP Graph Computing

Accepted Papers

  • Function Inlining in XQuery 3.0 Optimization, L. Wörteler, M. Grossniklaus, C. Grün, M. Scholl 
  • Relational Foundations for Functorial Data Migration, R. Wisnesky, D. Spivak   
  • A Datalog-based Protocol for Lazy Data Migration in Agile NoSQL Application Development, S. Scherzinger, U. Störl, M. Klettke
  • Requesting heterogeneous data sources with array comprehensions in Hop.js, Y. Couillec, M. Serrano
  • Relative Expressive Power of Downward Fragments of Navigational QueryLanguages on Trees and Chains, J. Hellings, M. Gyssens, Y. Wu, D. Van Gucht, J. Bussche, S. Vansummeren, G. Fletcher   
  • Using Dependent Types and Tactics to Enable Semantic Optimization of Language-Integrated Queries, R. Wisnesky, G. Malecha
  • Abstract Rewriting Approach to Solve Datalog Programs, F. Morales, F. Ishikawa, S. Honiden
  • Typing Regular Path Query Languages for Data Graphs, D. Colazzo, C. Sartiani
  • A common data manipulation language for nested data in heterogeneous environments, J. Seco, H. Lourenço, P. Ferreira
  • Relational Algebra by way of Adjunctions, J. Gibbons, F. Henglein, R. Hinze, N. Wu

DBPL Co-Chairs

  • James Cheney, University of Edinburgh
  • Thomas Neumann, Technische Universität München

Program Committee

  • Véronique Benzaken    Université Paris-Sud, France
  • Torsten Grust         Universität Tübingen, Germany
  • Jan Hidders           TU Delft, Netherlands
  • Georg Lausen          Universität Freiburg, Germany
  • Sam Lindley           University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Klaus Ostermann       Universität Tübingen, Germany
  • Christopher Ré        Stanford University, USA
  • Stefanie Scherzinger  OTH Regensburg, Germany
  • Ryan Wisnesky           Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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